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Short Paragraph on Politeness - Living in society you should posses a couple of features that enable you to live among people and to interact with them successfully. By being polite, you show the level of your personal development and the level of your upbringing. At the end, if someone treats you rudely by talking to him politely you can win him. Politeness costs nothing, and yet it is a very valuable possession. The tradesman who is not polite soon loses customers. Many boys and girls seem almost incapable of being-polite. When they speak to any one, they do so in a rude and even vulgar manner. If asked a question, they reply by a movement of the head.

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Importance Of Politeness, Essay Sample What is really significant here is not to loose patience and not to answer him/her rudely. The polite words in an office may seem unnecessary, but they boost the morale and performance of employers and fellow employees. Being polite to others makes you and others be in a good mental health condition. Instead of always thinking about your bad encounters you can always think of the good things you heard or told a colleague or friend.

Short Paragraph on Politeness -
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